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Evenia Hand sanitizer 5 Liter


Evenia Herbal is specialized in offering a wide assortment of Aloevera Hand sanitizer in Liquid Base and Gel base.
It is enriched with Moisturizers that leave your hands 99.99%* germ free. Herbal Evenia Sanitizer is in Liquid form in 5 Liter Can and it leaves your hands feeling soft, fresh and smooth.

Packaging Size500 ML
Packaging TypeSpray Bottle
BrandHerbal Evenia Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol Content %61 – 70
Type Of AlcoholEthanol
Other Active Ingredientsblueberry, strawberry,
Quantity Per Crate54
Minimum Order Quantity2 Bottle

Low Quality Sanitizers are ineffective & in worse cases can damage your skin. We offer high quality sanitizers at most competitive prices to keep you safe & healthy.Sanitizers- 4 fragrances: Lemongrass, blueberry, strawberry, and aloe Vera- Kills 99.99% germs- Gel and water-based.

Lab Certification.


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